Pearl Chemicals provide an extensive range of additional services not common with the traditional UK chemical distributors.

These include but are not limited to:

  • Fixed price, call off and similar agreements on products to ensure continuity of supply at the right price.
  • Sourcing of unstocked products.
  • Dilutions of non-standard grade/strength products.
  • Decanting liquids from road tankers into Ibc’s and smaller packs.
  • Blending of solids and liquids.
  • Dispersion of powders into liquids.
  • Packing and repacking of liquid and powder chemicals.
  • Powder reprocessing - by crushing, milling, grinding, sieving and micronizing.
  • Reprocessing waste streams.
  • Toll manufacturing - formulating products to specific customer criteria, pack sizes etc.
Pearl Chemicals


As of 31st May 2018 chemicals sold in the EU needed to be REACH registered, therefore we made the necessary changes to our supply chain to adhere to these legislative changes.  We now have Brexit on our horizon…..

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