Peracetic Acid Partnership

In 2015 Pearl Chemicals Limited, was delighted to announce that we reached a formal agreement with Christeyns N.V. of Gent, Belgium to become the exclusive and sole representative for the sale of Peracetic Acid in the UK and Ireland.

Both companies view this arrangement as a long-term working partnership with a shared philosophy for the future.

Christeyns are one of the key producers of Peracetic Acid in Europe and their Peracetic Acid range is in accordance with Article 95 of the (BPR) Biocidal Products Regulation which was implemented on 1st September 2015, this legislation stipulates that only companies compliant with this legislation may place product onto the E.U. market, subsequently we will continue to grow our Peracetic Acid business whilst complying with all legally binding legislation.

As the UK come to the end of the Brexit transition phase on 31st December 2020, Christeyns will be making the necessary changes to ensure that Christeyns Peracetic Acid range remains available for Pearl chemicals to sell in the UK and across Europe.


As of 31st May 2018 chemicals sold in the EU needed to be REACH registered, therefore we made the necessary changes to our supply chain to adhere to these legislative changes.  We now have Brexit on our horizon…..

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