Global Supply Chain

We have a long standing relationship with many European and Asian producers, all of which are REACH registered.

To help us expand our range or suppliers and products we have a sourcing agent that specialises in China, India, Malaysia and most of Asia. They have been key in helping us to obtain a strong position on what are now regular stocked products for us.

Alongside our sourcing agent we have an ISO 9000-1 independent auditing company that forms part of our stringent supplier approval process. On our behalf they visit potential suppliers to ensure that they are reputable, with good manufacturing practices and quality of products and packaging amongst other aspects.

Upon arrival of our imported products samples are taken and sent to an independent laboratory in the UK to be tested to ensure the quality of product.



As of 31st May 2018 chemicals sold in the EU needed to be REACH registered, therefore we made the necessary changes to our supply chain to adhere to these legislative changes.  We now have Brexit on our horizon…..

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