Company Profile

As a UK independent chemical distributor, Pearl Chemicals has always offered additional facilities, such as repacking and non-standard strengths and pack sizes for a number of chemicals.

From our central location, we established warehousing facilities throughout the UK, enabling us to execute prompt response and deliveries to customer’s requests.  To improve on the ‘just in time’ concept, we entered consignment stock arrangements to guarantee product availability to our customers..

During 2006, we were pleased to be invited to join our industry’s leading organisation, the Chemical Business Association (CBA) and have enthusiastically embraced their Responsible Care Programme. Additionally in 2012 the Galvanising Association invited us to join as an associate member due to our long standing involvement in supplying chemicals to this industry.

Working alongside our sourcing agent we have an ISO 9000-1 independent auditing company that forms part of our stringent supplier approval process.

As an independent company, without recourse to the banks or external shareholders, we have continued to grow.

Our organic growth continues and the number of export destinations is increasing year on year. The area of acquisitions is something we intend to devote more time and energy to.

Pearl Chemicals


As of 31st May 2018 chemicals sold in the EU needed to be REACH registered, therefore we made the necessary changes to our supply chain to adhere to these legislative changes.  We now have Brexit on our horizon…..

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